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Campus life is a life full of festive mood and iridescent colours. The campus life is not about exams , theories and practicals; our institute want our students to have a wonderful and memorable time at our campus. For the very reason we celebrate every seasonal festivals regardless of religion caste and ethnicity. We are also keen on inducting our students with the positive messages which each festival disseminates. We celebrate national festivals like Onam, Vishu, Iftar , Diwali, X’mas , New year, etc. every year. Our students will organize different games and programs and make it more vibrant. Besides these the biggest celebration we have is our college day, a series of programs and fun filled games along with informative talks, skill tests, endowing the best student award etc. will be conducted at the campus. We believe that learning can only prosper in a joyful mind, all these efforts will help our students to get their thinking cap on , in the way we wanted it.

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