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Fee Stucture -MBA

AICTE Approved Fee Structure for MBA in Govt/Management Seats.
Tuition Fee Rs.70,000/- Per Semester
Special Fee Rs.12,000/- One time fee
Caution Deposit Rs.5000/- One time fee(Refundable)
Admission Fee Rs.1000/- One time fee
Sports Fee Rs.250/- One time fee
University Affiliation Fee Rs.200/- One time fee
Union Fee Rs.100/- One time fee
Development Fee Rs.50/- One time fee

Rs 40000 Scholarship for Chinmaya Students or above 70% marks in degree exam

Rs 20000 Scholarship for 60% above marks in degree exam

Only Rs. 70,000 will be collected as Semester fee in 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters
No Donation & Additional Charges.