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Internal Complaints Committee

As per the D.O. No F 91-9/2015 (GS/MHRD) dated 5 July 2016 by University Grants Commission, an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) is constituted.
1. Dr Navya V ( Presiding Officer & Associate Professor )  navya@chintech.ac.in
2. Dr Kavitha Rajan  ( Associate Professor ) kavitha@chintech.ac.in
3. Dr Bimal V O ( Associate Professor ) bimal@chintech.ac.in
4. Ms Remya K T ( Office Assistant ) remya@chintech.ac.in
5. Mr Aravind Kannan  ( System Tech ) aravindkannan@chintech.ac.in
6. Dr. Gireesh Babu – Consultant Psychologist, Sanjeevani Learning Disability Management and Counselling Centre, Badagara (External Member of ICC)
7. Mr.Rishi R Karun – Chairman, Students’ Union
8. Ms. Lavanya Narayanan – MCA Rep, Students’ Union
9. Ms. Anusha KV – MBA Rep, Student’s Union


* To Ensure that the provisions of the protection of employees and students from the sexual harassment do not get misused, provisions against false or malicious complaints have to be made and published within all HEIs. if the ICCs concludes that the allegations made were false, malicious or complaint was made knowing to be untrue or forged or misleading information has been provided during the inquiry, the complainant shall be liable to be punished as per the provisions of sub regulations(1) of regulations 10 if the complainant  happened to be an employee as per sub regulations (2)

Please note: All information provided will be treated confidentially.

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